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Void-VR (Demo Edition) is a game where you can play Mini-games and try to improve your score until the full game comes out with more Mini-Games and Multiplayer, Full online leaderboard, and much more.

The 2 Mini-games that you can play in this demo are:
-Shoot 'Em Up
Here you need to fight against robots with the weapons you get and try to stay alive.
- 1 Minute BBQ
Here you need to grill as many Hamburgers as possible in 1 minute.

At the moment you can only use LeapMotion or a Controller.

-Leap Motion

-Shooting mini-game

- Grab Guns: make a fist with Left/Right Hands And touch the gun.

- Fire Guns: Pinch with your Left/Right Hands.

- Reload Guns: Rotate your palm to the Right for Right Weapon and Left For Left Weapon.

- use buttons: Touch the buttons.

-1 Minute BBQ

- Pick up Hamburgers: put your hands flat underneath the hamburger and lift your hands.

- use buttons: touch the buttons.


-Shooting mini-game

- Grab Guns: Left/Right bumpers.

- Fire Guns: Left/Right Triggers.

- Reload Guns: Flick Left/Right thumbstick down.

- use buttons: Press (X).

-1 Minute BBQ

- Pick up Hamburgers: Right Trigger.

- use buttons: Press (X).

If you have any questions or want to report a bug.

Send us a Message on the Contact page on our website: www.Voidinteractive.tk

Or Send a Message to voidinteractive16@gmail.com

Thank You for Downloading and have Fun.

To Report Bugs.
Please contact us through our website or send an email to voidinteractive16@gmail.com

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Published132 days ago
AuthorVoid Interactive
TagsAction-Adventure, Leap Motion, mini, Oculus Rift, vr
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Install instructions.

1.Extract the zip

2. Make sure you have unknown sources enabled in the Oculus home app

3. Run Void-VR.exe

4. Have Fun


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